Monday, March 30, 2009


So, firstly, welcome to a new blog! Not that many will read this, but I need a good place to keep all my little observations and family tidbits.

I'm collecting breast milk for a friend who has adopted a baby and is trying to relactate to nurse this baby, so until she gains a full supply back, I'm one of MANY (probably upwards of 11 moms now) pumping to help her out. Our newest addition came in the form of Hennessey Jean, born on 3/21/09. So since about three days after she was born, I've been pumping a few times a day. I collect in small 4 oz. containers, and I've already given 22 of them to the mom (so about 88 ounces!), all in under a week. I feel so glad that I can offer so much, and if I didn't have a mom locally to give it to, I would be sending it to the milk bank in Austin, TX (I sent just shy of 500 oz. to them when our first daughter was born). My plan is to keep a running list of how much I pump, just because I find it interesting. :)

So... Hennessey was born on 3/21/09, as I said before. Right on the 21 month birthday of her older sister, Tailynn. Since baby came home, Tailynn has been such an independent lil' thing!!

We used to nurse a LOT, but after I got pregnant, my milk supply dropped, and she was nursing three times a day. Since I've brought baby home, and had a huge supply, you'd think she would be loving it...but alas! I have to COAX her to nurse (usually when I'm so full I feel like I'm going to burst!). She will say she wants "mommy milk" but then just sits there with her mouth on my breast for a few seconds, then pops off and says all done! She just wants to exercise her dominance, I think. Prove that she can still get it when she asks! We'll see how long that lasts for!

The other night was interesting for us. Tailynn had her very first encounter vomiting. She's NEVER been sick with a vomiting bug before (heck, she barely has had a cold and never had an ear infection!). The poor kid just starts WAILING at 10:45 the other night, so I went into her room right away. And I could see from the hall light something was not right in her bed. I turned on the light, and all over her blanket, sheets, and pajamas were the remains of dinner (black olives & spaghetti...what a combo). She's crying, and I felt SO bad for her! I picked her up out of bed, and we went into the bathroom. She had a bath, put on fresh pants, new jammies, and was chillaxin' in our bed watching Kung Fu Panda. Matt was getting the icky stuff in the wash (he had to rinse it in the kitchen sink so we could use the garbage disposal, it was so thick!), and I had Hennessey that needed to eat, so I'm sitting next to her in bed. She starts getting that "look" on her face again... but we were too late with a bucket! Nothing like the first incident, and we mostly made it to the bathroom....but on went ANOTHER pair of jammies, and a wash of the arms and hands. Third time was the charm, and that was the LAST time, thank God. I ended up sleeping with her until about 2 a.m., then going back into our room where Matt and Hennessey were, and then nursing Hennessey a few more times that night. Needless to say, the next day we were dragging quite a bit!!

In other observations, I can't believe how tiny babies come! I didn't think Tailynn seemed too big, but after bringing home a newborn, she's like a giant now! Hennessey is a GREAT baby (as far as you can tell disposition of a ten day old...), and Tailynn likes being a big sister well enough. She wants to hold hands, she says good night to her, she tries to sh-sh-sh her when she cries. It's super adorable!!

That's probably enough for one night. More will come soon, I hope!! :)

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