Sunday, July 19, 2009

Start anew?

Okay, so I'm going to try and keep up a little better with the ol' family blog.

We started the day by *gasp* going to church! We've been sort of "in between" churches for a while. Chandler Church isn't really our cup o' tea any longer. Central is WAY too far to drive (32 miles). We just aren't big church explorers, either. I had met the pastor to Song of Life at summer camp last year (2008), and that church is very close. We went once. It was great! But we didn't go back for a loooooooooooong time (probably 8 or 9 months ago). Anyway, we went today. It was really nice to go back. I like the contemporary service lots! We tried to get Tailynn to go to the nursery, and she did fine for a while. Then when right when the sermon is about to start, I can hear her crying from the "sanctuary!" I went and got her and came back. She did okay the rest of the time, but we've definitely got to work on whispering!

I decided today that Hennessey is officially teething! She's been a BEAR for naps, and Saturday night was not a good night. So today we took a dose of Tylenol, and the usual 45 minute nap from the past three days turned into a FIVE HOUR NAP! Poor baby! I also took a short video this morning of her kicking in her bouncer. She's figured out that if she keeps the right pattern of kicking going, she gets a great rock. It slays me! Her video is here.

Tailynn has been learning TONS lately. We like to sing a lot around our house. I've picked up a few Sing Along Songs DVDs from the Queen Creek Library. She's in LOVE with them! They aren't sucky songs, either, so I can stand to watch them a few times in a row. She's started picking up a lot of the lyrics, too. The other night we sang "You Are My Sunshine" a bunch of times, and now she'll fill in the last word to every line! I'm planning to video record that soon and post it to the ol' You Tube as well. :)

Now, tis bed time! Cheers!

-The Beckas

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